What is the juicy lips makeup technique?

When it comes to fashion and beauty, we all want to show off the latest trends and current affairs. Especially when it comes to the lips, which turn out to be one of the greatest attractions of the face.

The known techniques of Juicy Lips and Ombre Lips are the most popular. And here we will teach you everything you need to know about them to make them at home!

How is the makeup technique of Juicy lips or juicy lips?

When it comes to techniques to increase the size of the lips, we find Juicy Lips. That in recent years has become popular because the results are fantastic.

In this case, the Juicy Lips technique has as its main objective to make the lips look much more attractive, with much more lighting, projection, and volume.

The first step for this technique to work properly is to have properly hydrated and exfoliated lips. Since if we have broken or bleeding lips, the result will be unfavorable.

Subsequently, it is sought that the lips look more profiled. So how do you perform the juicy lips technique? Apply lip liner to do tricks to give your lips volume.

It is important to mention that in this technique both the outline and the lip color must be the same. Or very similar shades, since we want the lips to stand out with all the colors. Not with a color gradient.

Once you have applied the eyeliner correctly, it is recommended to use liquid or creamy lipsticks. In order to give you juicy lips makeup juicy lips.

What are Ombre lips? How is it different from Juicy lips?

Many people often confuse the Juicy Lips and Ombré Lips lip makeup techniques. But even though they are very similar, they have key differences that make the lips look different. For example, the main difference between both techniques is that in Juicy Lips, the use of gloss or liquid lipsticks predominates. For a glossy and juicy finish.

Contrary to the Ombré Lips technique, where exclusively matte or dry lipsticks are used. In order to make the lips look voluminous but natural and opaque.

Also, another clear difference is in the gradient. The Ombré Lips makeup technique is based on the gradient. Therefore, the lip liner, and the lipstick to be applied, will be of different shades. Generally, the eyeliner is usually darker than the base lip tone, to generate an effect of enlargement on the lips.

However, this effect can be done the other way around. To make the lips look a little smaller and more delicate. The liner should be a shade lighter than the central lip color.

How to get juicy lips with the Juicy lips and Ombré lips techniques?

So that you can achieve lush and very striking lips, you can apply one of these two makeup techniques. Both will be ideal to highlight the lips, but everything will depend on your personal tastes. Get healthier lips!

If you are more inclined towards big, shiny, and luminous lips, juicy lips: the retro trend is for you. It will be very easy to do since you only need a lip liner and a lip gloss, or liquid.

On the contrary, to get Ombré Lips, you will need to stock up with two different shades of liner and lipstick. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, if you have voluminous and large lips or more natural and small lips. Starting from there, both techniques have a similar procedure

  • Moisturize, cleanse and dry the lips.
  • Apply the liner around the entire lip line.
  • Blend the product a little with brushes or with your fingertips.
  • Apply the central lipstick and blend appropriately depending on the shades.

At the end of the process, you will get extremely striking lips that will make you look like a movie star. Remember that the best way to obtain good results in both techniques is by taking care of and hydrating your lips properly!

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