How to apply the skin and eye illuminator correctly

If something is clear, it is that the illuminator is great for all of us. The point is that there are several types of highlighters and we do not always choose the right one for our skin color. The highlighter is applied according to the tone of your face. The variety of colors of illuminators is very large. So, what color of highlighter should I use? After reading this article you will know everything about the highlighter.

What type of highlighter favors each skin tone?

What highlighter to use according to skin tone? Highlighter color for fair or pale skin tends to be favored with iridescent pearl, silver, or lilac shades. By white skin, we mean blonde or red-haired girls who have pink undertones on their faces. With this illuminator, you will give life to your skin. Its effect completely eliminates the opacity of your face.

Those slightly tanned skins can opt for a champagne gold highlighter. This is an intermediate between white and yellow, it will make you look sensational. For the brunette complexion, the peach-toned highlighter is also flattering. The ideal highlighter color for light brown skin is a bronze tone. These warm tones look beautiful on brown skin. Nothing like a natural glow of this kind.

In the event that your skin is really dark, you should choose to use rose gold tones. The rose gold tones will add luminosity to your face in an incredible way.

In addition to these highlighters, there are variants in rainbow colors, pink, bright yellow. Everything varies in how you create your looks and how daring your personality is. Makeup is not governed by commandments when it comes to creating art.

Types of illuminators (gold, white, silver, or bronze)

Given the variety of colors of illuminators, there are types of illuminators. By types, we do not mean the color but its presentation.

There are powder, stick, cream highlighters and there are even specific highlighters for your eyes. You can get from presentations for the face, cheekbones, neckline, and even shoulders. Feel like a supermodel by wearing gold highlighter on your shoulders for pretty warm or nude sessions.

Powdered highlighters can be used if you have very oily skin. The double advantage of them is that you can use them as eyeshadow too. If your skin is not oily, you have the possibility of using a cream highlighter to give a glowy effect to your look. You will shine so sensually that you will be the center of any place you go.

Not that we disparage eye-contour highlighters, but they do add a bit less shine. Actually, they fulfill their function since they are only to bring luminosity to small parts of the face, but in a much more discreet way.

How to apply highlighter to your face and eyes correctly

As we have explained previously in the makeup steps, you must use a base to unify your skin tone, after you have it spread over your face, you can proceed to place the illuminator. Depending on your face, you should place the highlighter above your cheeks to highlight both cheekbones.

As for the eye area, you should place the highlighter under the eyebrows so that, with the visual effect, your eyelid looks more raised. The tear duct also requires an illuminator, but in small quantity. In this area, it is used to give the effect of an open look and large eyes.

Your lips can also benefit from the magic of the highlighter. Applying the highlighter to the top of your lips, specifically the cupid’s bow, will make them look much more voluptuous than usual.

As a bonus, if you apply a highlighter to the septum of your nose, it will look much thinner. If you want to shine, even more, apply a highlighter a little above the brow.

If your highlighter is cream, blend with your fingers. If you use powder highlighter, choose to blend it very well with a brush. You will know that you have done the process well, look at yourself in the mirror in good light, put your face on the side and the illuminator manifests itself in a subtle glow.

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