How to apply perfume oil: 2 Simple Ways to the process of perfume oil

The perfume oil is not the same as a spray perfume because perfume oil is more concentrated and longer-lasting than a spray perfume. When you apply a little bit of perfume oil, you can enjoy your perfume oil all day long. If you want to wear your perfume for specific areas of your body, perfume oil is a great choice for you. You can wear the perfume oil on your body’s pulse points and feel your heartbeat.

How to apply perfume oil

Perfume oils are usually marketed as an all-natural type of perfume. These perfume oils are alcohol-free. They contain an absolute minimum amount of synthetic fragrances. For this reason, you will find this perfume oil behaves quite differently. Alcohol-based scents are overpowering but perfume oils are not overpowering like perfume scents. If you are a scent lover person, perfume oil acts as a relief for your sensitive skin. So, you have to know how to apply perfume oil easily. This article is the best way for you to know apply perfume oil. So, read this article carefully.

Applying the process of perfume oil

There are many people, who don’t know the process of applying the perfume oils. As perfume oils don’t contain any alcohol, they are therefore much stronger than other perfume scents. You have to avoid an overwhelming, unpleasant result when you want to apply the perfume oil. Just a few drops of perfume oil give you a pleasant smelling effect. There are many ways to apply perfume oil. Here are the keys to applying perfume oil easily.

# The classic ways for you

If you want to apply perfume oil classically or traditionally, you have to apply the fragrance indirectly to the garment or clothing you are wearing. Apply the perfume oil with the roller head of the perfume bottle or the applicator stick. You have to consider some issues, such as-

  • You have to care about the sensitivity of the clothing and the color of your cloth. You can put perfume oil on after taking a shower. So, you should take your shower and dry off a little with a towel before applying your perfume because fresh and clean skin will help your perfume stick to you and last longer.
  • You can pick your unscented moisturizer before applying perfume. You can rub the moisturizer into your wrists, elbows, and other areas of your body where you want to apply the perfume oil. You have to dry the moisturizer before adding the perfume oil. If your moisturizer can be unscented, it doesn’t interfere with your perfume oil.
  • You will get the perfume oils that come in the form of a roll-on stick. So, these perfume oils are easy to use. You can use this roll-on perfume by rolling it directly on your skin. Use your finger and roll the ball on the perfume stick, so that you can make sure it is moving correctly. You have to roll the perfume right on your skin areas where you would like it.
  • If your perfume oil is in a bottle, you should rub perfume oil on your body with your fingers. There are regular tony bottles for perfume oils in the marketplace where little drops come out. So, you should Pour a drop or two of the oil on your fingers and use your fingers to rub it on your skin. A couple of drops of the perfume oils are enough for each area of your skin.
  • Don’t apply perfume oil too much on your skin because it is in a mist form and much more concentrated. It stays right where you apply it, for this reason, you should avoid using too much of the oil on your skin. You can use just a few dabs to get a better result from your perfume oil. You can see experiments to know how much or how little perfume oil you use.

# The modern ways for you

  • By using a modern way, you can apply the perfume oil to your wrists. You will get a quick and easy application by this process. Wrists are the most popular pulse point for perfume because your hands move around the most. You can apply the perfume oil for making it easy to enjoy the smell. You can rub your perfume oil on the inside of your wrist and your forearm. Don’t rub your wrists together after applying the perfume oil.
  • If you rub the oil on your inner elbow, you can add a hint of fragrance. You have to put a little perfume oil right in the crease of your elbow and rub it on gently. If you like a strong scent, you should spread the perfume oil to your inner arms. It is a better option for you to enjoy your strong fragrance.
  • On the other hand, you can put the scent on the back of your knee. For this reason, you can make your legs smell good. You can use it into the crook of your legs, right behind your kneecap by rubbing the perfume oil. You will enjoy a little fragrance to the lower portion of your body. Make the perfume smell stronger, when you bend your legs.
  • For a more intimate perfumed area, you should use perfume oil behind your ear. You have to rub a drop or two of perfume oil on the back of your ear. Or you can apply the perfume oil near the top of it or at the bottom of your earlobe. If you need it, you can apply it to the other ear. You should not apply too much because the scent is not overpowering.

What You Can

You can follow many ways to apply your perfume oils to your body and skin. Now, we tell you some of these ways for you. You can make your proper fashion routine with apply your lovely perfume oils.

  • You can apply your perfume oil to the skin directly. (oils can damage and leave stains on your clothes)
  • You can dab the perfume oil on pulse points.
  • Walkthrough a fragrance cloud before putting on clothes.
  • You can apply the fragrance to clothing.

What You Should Not

There are some issues which you should avoid for applying perfume oil. You have to apply the perfume oil by remembering these issues.

  • Don’t apply your perfume oil to your hair.
  • Don’t rub the perfume oils into your skin.
  • Be careful about your eyes.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer scents.


It only takes a few applications of perfume oil. You will get entirely used to using it. The perfume oil is a key component of a fragrance lover’s arsenal. If you are looking for your oil-based options, check out our guide here. If you don’t know the applying process of perfume oil, you cannot enjoy your lovely fragrance. So, follow our instructions to apply your perfume oil easily. Our guidelines will help you to know how to apply the perfume oil easily. I hope you understand, how to apply pure perfume oil.

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